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What is Affinity Rewards?

Affinity Rewards is our exclusive Owner Membership Incentive Program created exclusively for Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates® owners.*

How does it work?

It is easy to participate in this program because we handle all of the details for you. Here's how it works: Introduce your friends and family to Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates by sending us their names, phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses. We will contact them and extend a Special Invitation from you to receive a fantastic getaway to one of our popular destinations. You will receive 10,000 Affinity Rewards for each qualifying referral who visits and tours the resort under this program.

What is the cost?

There are absolutely no costs or fees to participate in the Affinity Rewards program.

Who is eligible?

Select Vacation Village Resorts owners and affiliated resort owners are eligible.*

What are Affinity Rewards worth?

Affinity Rewards are offered in increments of One Thousand (1,000) and Ten Thousand (10,000). Affinity Rewards are valued at One Hundred US Dollars ($100.00) per 10,000 and are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. Affinity Rewards can be redeemed for cash and are disbursed via check to the owner of record at the address on file.

How do I send you a referral?

It's easy! Just visit our Refer a Friend page.

What is a qualified referral tour?

Qualified referrals are US citizens, 21 years of age or older, who are married, cohabitating or single individuals with an annual household income of at least $45,000. If a qualified referral is married or cohabitating, both parties must tour together. Anyone who has participated in any promotions for a Vacation Village Resort or Affiliates within the last 12 months is not eligible for a tour offer. In addition, employees, or their families, and any of our resort owners are not eligible. This offer is non-transferable, not valid for groups and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates reserve the right to alter or change the terms and conditions. All participants must meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the promotion. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the full details of this program.

Do I still receive Affinity Rewards if my friends buy a referral package and/or visit the resort, but do not tour?

No, your friends must tour through the Affinity Rewards program for you to receive 10,000 Affinity Rewards.

Do I receive credit for my friends if they tour under a different marketing promotion?

No, your friends must tour through the Affinity Rewards marketing promotions. Please have your friends call the appropriate Affinity Rewards number to book their getaway. These numbers are located under the question "How do I send you a referral?"

How do I redeem Affinity Rewards?

Simply contact the Affinity Rewards Customer Service department at 954-563-1867 Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm EST or e-mail us at Please provide the name of the owner of record, your ARP number and allow 21 days for redemption. NOTE: Rewards are only redeemable twice in any calendar year.

Who is the owner of record?

If there are multiple owners on one deed, the primary owner will be the contact person and will be considered the "Owner of Record" for Rewards purposes. Only the Owner of Record is eligible to receive Affinity Rewards.

Do Affinity Rewards expire?

Affinity Rewards are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue.

* Applies to select affiliated resorts; Vacation Village Resorts reserves the right to select which affiliated resorts are eligible for participation in the Affinity Rewards Program.

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